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Find out what’s Best for You? Renting or Buying?

Rent Info: The amount of monthly rent you pay or would pay
Annual Rent Increase: Approximately 5% per year in Orange County, CA

Property Information

Home Value: Price of Home you want and are qualified to Purchase
Annual Maintenance: Includes ongoing maintenance costs you would generally not have if you were renting such as gardening, pool and minor repairs
Annual Appreciation: is approximately 5% per year on average
Years Before Sell: Number of years you plan on keeping your home
Selling Cost -cost of selling including commission and closing costs generally 6%-7%

Loan Information

Loan Amount: How much loan you will finance your home purchase with
Interest Rate: Today’s market interest rates
Length: Term of loan (30 year loan, 20 year loan or 15 year loan)
Points: Loan cost to purchase the home. 1 point equals 1% of the loan amount.

Taxes And Insurance Information

Tax Rates: Your Income tax rate. If not sure, ask your accountant
Annual Taxes: Property taxes are generally 1.25% of Purchase Price
Annual Insurance: Fire Insurance as well as any Homeowners Association Dues
Annual PMI: Applies only if your Down-Payment is less than 20% of Purchase Price. Generally .50%

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